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D2 Facilities Ltd are proud to announce that yesterday we signed the #mentalhealthcharter. The Mental Health Charter certificate offered by Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity is designed to provide individuals and organisations with the tools and knowledge necessary to create a mentally healthy workplace. Some benefits of obtaining this certificate and joining include;

1 – Improved Mental Health awareness; This knowledge can help identify colleagues who are struggling.

2 – Increased Productivity; A mentally healthy workplace is one where employees feel supported and valued.

3 – Better Employee Wellbeing; By reducing the stigma around mental health it will encourage employees to prioritise their wellbeing.

4 – Improve Organisation Reputation; By demonstrating a commitment to mental health in the workplace, organisations can enhance their reputation as an employer of choice and increase staff retainment.

5 – Compliance To Regulations; Employers have a legal responsibility to ensure the health and safety of their employees, including their mental health.